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My passion is combining words and graphics into powerful brand stories to both set your heart aflutter and make your audience swoon!

Let's write your


brand story.

Hello There! I'm Jen Schmaltz, a designer with heart.

My craft is combining images and words into powerful brand stories.

Graphic Design is at the heart of my story, but I’ve been known to write myself a new part now and again… happily and frequently embracing such roles as: Project Manager, Strategic Thinker, Visual Communicator, Copy Writer, Brand Stylist and Content Curator... to name just a few.

Design is where my passion and my purpose intersect, and providing clients with “the goods” to help their businesses soar is a pretty amazing thing to hop outta’ bed and do each day!

If you're looking for that kind of up and at 'em for your next design and branding project... we should really talk.

Jen Schmaltz; Thank you for your outstanding work on our recent marketing campaign!

You astutely ascertained the marketing needs of aspireMD, assimilated our message and delivered an impressive product in a compressed timeframe , the priceless bonus is the delight your wit and charisma brings to the process !

I so appreciated and trusted your proactive timeline, your captivating creative and your engaging, impactful writing skills. There was virtually no edits, as everything presented was pitch perfect even in draft.

You sprinkled sparkle on every encounter and deliverable – making this consultative process (how do you want this process worded) notably rewarding in every aspect. I look forward to our upcoming and ongoing projects. Jen, you definitely have earned my highest regard and recommendation.

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Jen is truly a pleasure to work with, it’s not often you find someone with such a corporate... and creative vision.

During her creative process she not only makes things aesthetically pleasing but she incorporates incredible marketing strategies while doing it.

Jen is also great at working with your vision, she makes the space feel so comfortable to be able to bounce ideas off of one another and create your vision exactly to how you like it. Sometimes starting off a project can feel scary when you just see a blank page, all you have to do with Jen is sit down with her tell her a few points about what you had in mind and she will get started so the blank becomes your vision and you can continue to create and edit from there. 

She seamlessly integrates you into the creative process so you don’t feel like you’ve hired this separate entity, but you feel like a strong team able to work together until everyone is satisfied.

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